questions about community rules and policies

What is your supervision policy? Who supervises children who are not in class?

You are responsible for your children at all times. This means that you must remain on the grounds OR designate another adult to be your Person In Charge ("PIC") who can reach you in case of emergency.

Kids are allowed to explore and play, however children under 18 must be within sight or earshot of a supervising adult at all times. This means that:

  • Doors to rooms must remain open at all times, unless a class is in session or an adult is present.

  • At least one supervising adult must be present in each space where kids are hanging out. We ask parents to help each other share this responsibility so that kids are able to use both indoor and outdoor spaces.

  • Some areas are restricted. See the map for details on where kids are permitted to roam.

Do I need to accompany my teenager who can drive to class on their own?

All minors must be under the care of a responsible adult. If your teenager arrives for classes or activities on his or her own, please be sure that there is an adult on-site who is willing to be their Person In Charge.

Am I required to volunteer?

Here at STAC, we believe that "volunteer requirement" is a contradiction in terms. We understand that different families will need different levels of involvement with STAC. We certainly welcome help and support from anyone interested in participating at that level, but we do not require it.

Am I required to help with cleaning up?

All participants are expected to clean up after themselves and help to keep our facility neat and clean. There will be cleaning supplies on-site for anyone who may need them.

Is there a dress code?

Everyone must be dressed! However, what you wear is your business and your decision. We believe that we are all individuals and should dress according to our own individual needs and desires.

What is STAC’s policy for absences?

Each instructor determines their own policy for missing classes. Please talk to your child’s instructors for more information.

What rules do students need to follow?

We have a community behavior agreement that was drafted and proposed by STAC students working with parent volunteers and board members. The rules really come down to extending respect towards the physical space, other people, and the community as a whole. Click here to read the behavior agreement.

How do you handle discipline?

We believe in direct communication and problem-solving. If there is problematic behavior by anyone, adult or child, we encourage all parties involved to work together to identify the problem and find solutions. Ultimately, parents are responsible for ensuring that they and their children are behaving respectfully and appropriately. Bullying is not tolerated.

How much does STAC cost?

There is an annual participation fee of $120 per family. Once the participation fee is paid, your family may enroll in classes, sign up for activities, or join STAC-sponsored clubs.

Instructors and activity planners work independently to establish the pricing for their own classes and activities, so costs will vary. STAC-sponsored parties and clubs do not have any additional costs.

Do you offer refunds? Can I join for less than one year?

Sorry, the annual participation fee is not refundable. However, you may enroll or drop out of any classes or activities as long as the teacher hasn’t asked for a commitment of a certain length. Individual instructors determine their own refund policy.

Can I try STAC out before I pay?

At the discretion of each teacher, you may try a class or activity once before you are required to pay the participation fee. Contact us to arrange a visit.