how it works

STAC is organized a little differently than what you may be used to. Rather than hiring instructors and collecting class tuition from families throughout the year, we encourage parents and instructors to interact directly with each other.

We conduct team interviews to ensure that we bring in tutors and instructors who are passionate, flexible, and caring. But once a teacher is approved and has passed a background check, we step back and allow them to craft their own courses that the community wants and needs.

STAC is a 501(c)(3) organization that…

  • Rents space from church

  • Provides administrative structure

  • Offers platform for community ideas

  • Vets instructors and tutors

  • Manages classroom reservations

  • Holds regular board meetings

  • Helps promote classes

  • Helps arrange social events

Why do we do it this way?

We understand that homeschool families want to understand exactly how their money is spent. Parents at STAC pay class fees directly to their child’s instructors, creating a close, accountable relationship. This approach also makes our internal accounting much more efficient and transparent.

Community-driven course catalog
At most co-ops, class offerings are decided at the top. Once the classes are in place, there aren’t a lot of choices for parents who need something a little different.

Our approach gives homeschool families direct input. If students want a particular class, they can request it. If there are kids who need different formats, instructors will step up and offer alternatives.

Instructors at STAC have the freedom to try new approaches. An instructor can dream up an idea and launch it quickly, gauge interest by offering mini “pop up” classes, collaborate with each other and get instant feedback as they develop their new curriculum. The result is a truly unique array of rigorous, engaging classes tailored to our student body. We are constantly amazed at the innovation we see happening.