our philosophy | It’s in our name

Space. STAC is a warm and welcoming physical space where families have access to resources and classes taught by caring, experienced instructors and plenty of indoor and outdoor space to play, socialize, and explore.

Time. for creativity, open play, and relationships.

Community. Made up of families with all different backgrounds and beliefs, STAC is a relaxed place where all members of the family connect freely across age groups, are accepted for who they are, and share the things that bring them joy.

What Makes STAC Different?

Utmost respect for your educational goals and approach. Parents and kids chart their own homeschool path, and we are here to offer the kind of support you need. Our instructors and tutors don’t work for STAC; they work for YOU. Instructors here offer a broad variety of à la carte classes and activities, covering the academic essentials and beyond. Check out current classes

Policies that empower students. If a child sees a need or wants to try something new, we will try and make it happen. At STAC, students can start clubs, vote in board elections, propose policy changes, and even teach classes of their own. It is amazing what these kids come up with, and we love what this adds to our community!

Total financial transparency. Other than the annual family access fee, STAC does not collect money for any classes or activities from families. Parents sign up for classes and pay instructors directly.

We appreciate quirky kids. STAC is a place where different isn't bad. We have kids who are LGBT, profoundly gifted, dyslexic, ADHD, on the spectrum, off the spectrum, and just plain different. You'll meet young entrepreneurs and athletes, gamers, musicians, artists, actors, writers, LEGO champions, and Nerf warriors who are excited to share their interests. We strongly believe in helping all kids and adults find what they need from their classes and from the community.

Mixed age groups. Our community is made of humans of all ages! You'll see babies and toddlers all the way through high schoolers and adults interacting freely. The older kids are encouraged to be flexible and kind with younger children, and youngers learn new skills from bigger kids. Adults are welcome in many classes, and instructors are flexible about ages.

Support in your homeschool journey. Whether you're just getting started and feel overwhelmed or you're preparing your teens for life after graduation, our community of experienced parents and instructors are here to help. STAC offers workshops, college information sessions, a private Facebook group, and social activities for parents.