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Play! Create! Learn!

A Friday afternoon program for the community.

Coordinators: Mel Williams & Libby Mathis
To sign up: email
Every Friday from 12 - 3PM
Suggested ages: Everyone welcome!
Cost: $20 per half year (cash only)
Dates: Entire STAC year

Our goal is to cultivate a relaxed atmosphere where parents and children can come together to create community. Be prepared to engage with all ages, contribute ideas for activities and most of all to have fun!! We will be planning some special days for big activities such as Quidditch, Nerf battles (no Nerf guns allowed on other days), a talent show, and many others. We have an active (private) facebook group to help Play! Create! Learn! families keep in touch and share ideas.

Mel and Libby will facilitate some of the activities but will not be acting as supervision for the children. Parents (and children) are expected to follow the general supervision policy that you sign when you join STAC.