Misty Holm

Misty holds both BA and MTS degrees from Emory University, with majors in Interdisciplinary Studies, Religion, and Social Sciences.  After eight years working in International Education, serving most recently as Assistant Director of Study Abroad Programs at Georgia State University, she left work to focus on her children.  Before resigning, she was very fortunate to be able to study and/or work in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Since leaving the working world, she’s had the privilege of earning several teaching certifications, including Atlanta Audubon Master Birder, Georgia Master Naturalist, Our Whole Lives sexuality education facilitator, and Listening Circle small group facilitator. In addition to eight years of homeschooling two children, she has taught/facilitated various groups from elementary school through college, including five years of teaching at a local homeschool co-op. The leap from helping lead a university Study Abroad Programs office to being a full-time mom, homeschooler, and teacher was a natural one:  it’s all about getting up out of the classroom and venturing out into the real world!

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STAColingo:  Foreign Language Lab

Target Ages: 10+

Min/Max Students: 3/6

Class Times: Tuesday 10:30 – 11:25 

Class Dates:  Sept. 3 – May 12 (29 weeks, 2 floating weeks off, TBD)

Cost:  $319 ($11 per class; payment can be divided)

Description: STAColingo will serve as a space for students who are studying or would like to study a foreign language at home to come together to encourage and share with one another.  Rather than teaching any specific language, I will serve as coach and guide.    
Each student will choose a foreign language to commit to for the school year.  It can be a language they have dabbled with before or can be completely new to them.  We will form a virtual class on www.duolingo.com where they can work throughout the week.  Duolingo is a free, online language learning program.  It is wonderful in many ways but has its limits when used on its own.  In STAColingo we will spend time each week sharing what we’ve learned at home, considering challenges we are facing, and encouraging one another.  We will also compare and contrast our chosen languages through a different lens each week:  basic greetings, counting, colors, days of the week, forming sentences, forming questions, basic verb usage, etc.  
This class will serve two purposes:  helping students learn their chosen language by sharing it with others, while also giving them a solid appreciation for the beautiful diversity of language by experiencing their chosen language side-by-side with English and other languages.   I have studied Spanish, French, Japanese, Hindi, and Swedish and know there are many ways to learn a language.  Additionally, everyone has a different learning style.  My job as coach will be to help them discover what works best for each student and provide accountability and encouragement.  

Materials: Internet access and device for use at home.  Something to write on and something to write with at STAC.  Also recommended:  grammar book for student’s chosen language.

Homework: Roughly one hour on www.duolingo.com (moving forward at their own pace), plus a small assignment from me.  

Book Sparks: Elementary Book Club

Target Ages: 5-10

Min/Max Students: 3/10

Class Times: Thursday 10:30 – 11:25

Class Dates:  Sept. 5 – May 14 (29 weeks, 2 floating weeks off, TBD)

Cost:  $319 ($11 per class; payment can be divided)

Description: The class will have a book club format and is designed to ignite a love for reading and for a variety of genres and styles of books in the elementary years.   Student does not need to know how to read on their own to participate in this course.  We will cover one book per week, everything from wordless picture books to 100 pp. chapter books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biography, etc.  Each class will include discussion of the book, reading aloud for practice and review (as children are comfortable), and role-play or other activities based on the book.  We will cover different books throughout the year, so a student could join us at any time during the school year.

Materials: Book list will be provided via email prior to the start of the school year (sometimes specific books, sometimes just a theme, such as “biography written for children”).  Books can be purchased, borrowed, downloaded, etc. as you like, and read or listened to together as a family or on their own before coming to class each week.  Books should be brought to class, as possible.  

Homework: Each week's book should be read before coming to class.

Word Play

Target Ages:  8-11

Min/Max Students: 4/10

Class Times: Thursday 1:00 – 1:55 

Class Dates:  Sept. 5 – May 14 (29 weeks, 2 floating weeks off, TBD)

Cost:  $319 ($11 per class; payment can be divided)

Description: Back by popular demand!  Word Games focuses on spelling, interesting vocabulary, word roots, grammar, and communication, all through play and games.  No worksheets, no word lists, no tests or quizzes, just repetitive play and exposure to words and their correct usage.  Class will be tailored to the level of the students, but will likely include several fun versions of spelling bees, hangman, Madlibs, Scrabble, Upwards, Bananagrams, Rummy Roots, Wheel of Fortune and many others.  We will learn to compete in a way that supports one another’s growth.   I’ll also sneak in lessons about why spelling is important, the history of the alphabet and the dictionary, commonly misspelled words, grammar, typography, etc. but don’t worry, they’ll never even notice!

Materials: For each class, students will need to bring something to write ON and something to write WITH (journal and pencil, notebook and feather quill, dry erase board and dry erase marker, loose leaf paper and ink pen, whatever makes them happy).

Homework: Bring an interesting word to share each week.

Great Discussions: Current Events Edition

Target Ages: 9-13

Min/Max Students: 4/10

Class Times: Tuesday 9:30 – 10:25 

Class Dates:  Sept. 3 – May 12 (29 weeks, 2 floating weeks off, TBD)

Cost:  $319 ($11 per class; payment can be divided) (may also be a small subscription fee, less than $10, depending on which media outlet we choose to use, TBD)

Description: Great Discussions has engaged students for the past three years in amazing discussions about universal themes ranging from friendship and compassion to prejudice and death.  This year we will focus our lens on current events.  We will try a few options as a class, including CNN 10 and Time for Kids, before we decide which news outlet we prefer.  Brief time for in-class journaling will help students formulate their point of view on the subject.  Active discussion will help them develop their ideas, while also practicing the difficult but important skill of active listening.  Great care is taken to ensure fair and balanced discussion.  As such, this course can be a great fit for students who love to speak their mind, as well as for students who tend to be more reluctant speakers.  New students are welcome to join at any time during the year.

Materials and Homework: As we decide which media outlet we like best, it may be necessary for students to have access to it at home for reading/watching prior to class; we will discuss as a class and with parents to determine this together.

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