Michelle Salas

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Preschool/Elementary Spanish

Target Ages: 4-7

Min/Max Students: 4/8

Class Times: Tuesday 11:30 – 12:25

Class Dates:  Sept. 3 – May 12 (28 weeks; we are going to have a three week break in addition to STAC breaks, TBD)

Cost:  $364 ($13 per class)

Description:  Let’s enjoy learning Spanish while we play together!
Every class will have:
-Opening Song (same one for every class)
-Hands on (activity for the day)
-Lesson song and/or game (depending on subject)
-Reading a book in Spanish related to the subject.
-Closing song (same one every class)
Some of the study subjects:
-Presentation, Good Manners and Feelings 
-Numbers 1-10 and vowels.
-Nature and farm animals.
-5 Senses
-Body parts

Elementary/Middle School Spanish
Target Ages: 8-14

Min/Max: 4/8
Class Times: Thursday 2:00 – 2:55

Class Dates:  Sept. 5 – May 14 (28 weeks; we are going to have a three week break in addition to STAC breaks, TBD)

Cost:  $364 ($13 per class)

Description: Let's learn Spanish together!
We will start from the basics using "Risas y sonrisas” curriculum.
I'm going to use body language, songs, games and visual materials to teach Spanish in a fun way and just how I learn it ...talking!!!
The student needs to buy the workbooks during the year (depending how we are progressing) and be able to write and read.
The curriculum is just a guide and I will teach the kids at their speed, we may not finish the second workbook in one session and that is ok, we will have more sessions to come.
Contact me for questions or any doubt you have.

Materials: activity workbooks 1-4 https://spanishforkids.com/store/activity-workbook-1/
https://spanishforkids.com (the homeschool text book).  The student needs notebook, colors, pencil and pen at every class

Homework: Every class the student will have homework.

High School Spanish

Target Ages: High School

Min/Max Students: 4/8

Class Times: Fridays 10:00 – 11:55 (2 hrs.)

Class Dates:  Sept. 6 – May 15 (31 weeks)

Cost:  $806 (The cost of the class can be divided in two payments, each one of $403.  First payment before the first class, and the second payment on the first week of December 2019.
Second member of the same family will get 25% of discount.)

Description: Let's learn Spanish!
This year-long class begins at Level 1, so no experience with Spanish is required. There will be some flexibility to follow the needs of individual learners.

Materials: 1.-En Espanol, Level 1 (¡En español!) (Spanish Edition)  2.-En español!: Más práctica cuaderno (Workbook) with Lesson Review Bookmarks Level 1 (Spanish Edition)

Homework: Students should expect tests and a heavy homework load (2-3 hours) each class.

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