Stacy Sepeda

Stacy has always homeschooled her children, much to her surprise. It was something that was not planned but just happened over time. Her homeschool and teaching style leans more towards project-based, hands-on learning through experiences. She holds a BA in accounting and finance and was an office manager before quitting her job to stay home full-time with her children. Outside of homeschooling her 2 boys, she also is a Blue Belt Krav Maga instructor and helps run her family’s Krav Maga school. In her down time, she enjoys hiking, camping, and reading books.

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Which Way USA?

Target Ages: 6-12

Min/Max Students: 4/10

Class Times: Thursday 11:30 – 12:25

Class Dates:   Sept. 5 – May 14 (27 weeks, 4 floating weeks off)

Cost: $280  

Description: Each week we will go on a state-by-state adventure through the most exciting locations in America using the Which Way USA magazines by Highlights. 
Each week we will focus on a new state. Using the fun and engaging puzzle magazine and map set, children will learn about geography, history and culture. Each magazine is an illustrated, fact-packed state maps, 32-page puzzle magazine that encourage exploration of culture, history and landmarks. 
This class will focus on geography, map reading, state capital skills, critical thinking, promotes logic and reasoning, and may open up a desire to visit new and exciting places!

Lego WeDo 2.0 Robotics and Programming

Target Ages: 8-10

Min/Max Students: 4/10

Class Times: Thursday 10:30 – 11:25

Class Dates:  Sept. 5 – May 14 (27 weeks, 4 floating weeks off)

Cost: $300  

Description: Using Lego WeDo 2.0 kits and software and everyone's favorite Lego bricks, students will be asked to collaboratively solve real-life problems. Solutions will involve both hands-on building and digital creation, plus programming with the colorful drag and drop interface of the WeDo software. 

Every 2-3 weeks will be a new topic; plants & pollinators, sort to recycle, space exploration, extreme habitats and more. Class begins with a discussion about the topic, followed by building a model out of Legos and then program the Lego to perform a job.

This class is for upper elementary. The class requires teamwork, communication, collaboration, creativity, and a good sense of humor! In exchange, a student gets experience with logical reasoning skills, pattern recognition, and computational modeling; plus, the opportunity to see Lego creations brought to life to accomplish team goals.

Intro to Documents and Spreadsheets

Target Ages: upper Middle School and up

Min/Max Students: 4/10

Class Times: Thursday 9:30 – 10:25

Class Dates:  Fall Session:  Sept. 5 – Dec. 12 (12 weeks, 2 floating weeks off)

                       Spring Session: Jan. 9 – May 14 (15 weeks, 2 floating weeks off)

Cost: Fall Session:  $125; Spring Session: $155


Fall Session - Documents

Prepare your kids to know how to create a document for those soon-to-come high school classes. The class will start out teaching them how to create a document, save a document, and email a document! They will learn basic functions like navigating within the document, inserting and deleting text, copying and pasting, and inserting a picture or table. They will learn formatting skills; font styles, text size, setting up your page, margins, indents, page numbers, and header and footer. They will learn how to create a table and how to modify and add to the table. They will learn how to work with comments, which is something their high school teachers use a lot for feedback. I teach to the class, so we will go as far into documents as the 12 weeks allows us.

Spring Session - Spreadsheets 

What is a spreadsheet and how do we use them? We will start with the basics: creating and saving a spreadsheet, entering text vs formulas, using the autofill functions, formatting text and numbers, creating borders, changing column width and row height, and moving and copying data. They will learn how to use the sum, average, min, max, and count functions; freezing panes, splitting worksheets, and hiding and unhiding data; controlling Page Setup and including headers and footers; and creating charts based on worksheet data. The pace of this session will be based on the kids in the class, so we will go beyond this if we can. 

Materials: computer for use during class

Homework: any material not finished in class

Hands on Equations

Target Ages: 9-15ish

Min/Max Students: 5/15

Class Times: Tuesday 11:30 – 12:25

Class Dates:  Fall Session:  Sept. 5 – Dec. 12 (12 weeks, 2 floating weeks off)

                       Spring Session: Jan. 9 – May 14 (15 weeks, 2 floating weeks off)

Cost:  Fall Session:  $125

           Spring Session:  $155

Description: This course uses the Hands on Equations curriculum to teach basic algebraic concepts using pawns, dice, and a scale to understand how to solve equations. This class is suitable for anyone who understands multiplication and division through 12s and has not yet taken Algebra 1.

Materials: Pencil & binder

Homework: The curriculum comes with worksheets. These will be started in class and finished at home.

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